Summer Holiday Creative Challenge: Daily creativity workout


If you’ve been following our Facebook page you would know that today we are launching a fun Summer Holiday Creative Challenge. Everyday we will add a challenge to this list that is designed to engage the creative thinking parts of your brain. The activities are fun and help you to “think outside the box” of what daily tasks your brain may normally do. Most challenges don’t require special materials. The majority of activities are easily attempted by kids through to adults and it’s not all art related. Let the creative challenge begin!

  1. How many words can you make from the letters of SUMMER HOLIDAY (or WINTER HOLIDAY)
  2. Listen to a style of music you wouldn’t normally listen to.
  3. Draw 3-5 random lines and shapes and give it to someone to turn it into a picture. Have them draw lines and shapes for you to turn into a picture too.
  4. Observation task: Name every colour you can see right now. Be as descriptive as possible.
  5. Make up your own signature dance move.
  6. If you were to write a book, what would the title be?
  7. Daydream
  8. Describe how you think the world will look in 100 years from now.
  9. If you owned a shop, what would it sell?
  10. What would your dream super power be?
  11. Think up a new and unusual ice cream flavour.
  12. Illustrate the following words using only pictures. Sight, sound, taste, smell.
  13. Create a drum rhythm using things around you.
  14. Draw your house plan from memory.
  15. Name something you are passionate about.
  16. Make a flip-book animation.
  17. Try and guess what another person is thinking.
  18. Get out into nature.
  19. Sketch a cartoon version of yourself.
  20. Build a robot out of LEGO or cardboard.
  21. Invent a new animal by drawing a combination of 2 or more existing animals. Give it a scientific name.
  22. Make up a humorous poem.
  23. Look at the sky and find a cloud that resembles something.
  24. Cut or rip up a piece of paper and try to put it back together like a puzzle.
  25. If aliens exist, what would their planet look like?
  26. Draw half a monster character, fold over most of it and give it to someone to draw the other half of the monster character without them knowing what your half looks like. 
  27. Imagine you are a bird and write a diary entry about your day. 
  28. Make up a song/jingle that you could imagine being used on an ad for….
  29. Play charades.
  30. Change the lyrics to a well known song or tune to make a funny version.

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