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Paint brushes

4 day of Christmas

Now that you’ve gathered some art materials like watercolour palettes and watercolour pencils you’re going to want to invest in some paint brushes. As mentioned with paint and paper, paint brushes are also sometimes a case of “you get what you pay for”.

If you’re just looking for a variety of paint brushes to support a fun art kit, I would suggest getting a handful in different sizes. A house painting brush is fun for large projects. Some smaller, flat and round brushes are useful and some really fine paint brushes are good for fine work, including outlining. The paint brushes that come with basic water colour sets may get a little frustrating as the bristles are often quite unnatural. Buy the best you can afford and look after them! Here are some tips for caring for your brushes when using WATER BASED art materials.

  • DO rinse water based paints immediately after using. Leaving them will dry the paint and that can be hard to fix. Sometimes it may be okay to use a little bit of mild soap to help with the cleaning. Rinse brushes gently in a cup of water.
  • DO use cold water to rinse them as hot water can soften the glue that holds the bristles in.
  • DO wash the bristles gently so they don’t become distorted.
  • DO NOT wash paintbrushes with the brush facing up into the tap water as this will push the paint into the ferrule (the metal part that holds the brush to the handle, where the glue lives). It will also damage the glue, making it more likely that the bristles will fall out.
  • DO NOT leave them brush down in a cup as that will distort the shape of the brush. Also, don’t leave them to sit in water as this will damage the handle and the glue inside the ferrule also.
  • DO NOT use your painting brushes for glue!

As well as paintbrushes, gather some random painting materials, like sponges, sticks and rollers. Have fun exploring the different effects you can get with the different painting tools.


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