visual arts


3 day of Christmas

Pencils. They sound so simple but there really are a lot to choose from and they all serve a different purpose.

  • Coloured pencils. Yup, got to have them. There are expensive ones for serious coloured pencil artists, but if you’re just looking to stock your art kit for some creative fun, you can buy basic coloured pencils just about anywhere.
  • Graphite pencils. A range of graphite drawing pencils from 6B and up to 4H will be really useful for sketching and shading.
  • Watercolour pencils. I have found that these are extremely popular with students. They love the control of being able to sketch their art and then add water to magically turn it into a painting. They are a nice step before using watercolour palettes or paints.

While you’re browsing pencils, make sure to pick up a couple of quality sharpeners and some erasers. Pencils don’t really like sharpeners, so be gentle. Also, you know that frustrating experience of having the lead break and fall out of the pencil every time you sharpen it? Well, it may be that the lead has broken when the pencil has been dropped or sharpened roughly so take good care of them.

There are more pencils that I will blog about at a later date, but for now, these 3 kinds are great tools to have in your creative art tool kit.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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