visual arts

Paper roll

2 day of Christmas

lego drawing

A large roll of paper is such an inviting gift! Sometimes we need to make drawings or paintings that are much bigger than any art diary we have. Sometimes we want to get our whole arm moving when we draw or paint and the only way to get this to happen freely is to have large areas for artmaking. This might be chalk for drawing on the cement outside or maybe we’re lucky enough to have a huge canvas to work on. In the absence of a large work area, a large roll of art paper can be just as good. It can be taped to the wall for upright work or taped to the floor for working on the ground. It can be used to trace our outlines to make life size portraits or can become the city planning map for an intense Lego session. It could be used for drip painting, Jackson Pollock style, or it could become the canvas for an illustrated historical timeline. Maybe it could be a giant underwater mural. It really has a lot of possibilities and can be very exciting for kids who are only used to making art on a smaller scale.

Day 1

Day 2

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