Book Review: The Museum

the museum

Book Review: The Museum by Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

When we were searching for books illustrated by one of our favourite illustrator/authors Peter H. Reynolds, (other books by him may be found in our library) we came across this wonderful book about art museums and artists, written by Susan Verde.

The book takes us on a journey of an art museum through the eyes of a creative, young girl. She enthusiastically describes her reaction to artworks by well-known artists like Degas, Van Gogh, Rodin, Picasso, Cezanne and Munch. She breaks down the stereotype of museums being quiet, boring places and gives children permission to react to art and enjoy the experience of emotions it brings with it. She also has a chance to create her own artwork as a response to all the inspiration she has gained from viewing the works in the museum.

Most art galleries have an artmaking space for children to create art as a direct response to the works that are on display at the time.

To extend the learning from this book, here are some more suggestions for activities.

  • Visit an art gallery! Do a search of the area you are in and see what exhibitions are on and when they have their making spaces open. Follow up your tour of the art by making some art!
  • Students can choose their favourite artwork from the book and research to find out more about that artist and their artworks.
  • Visit Susan Verde’s website where there are some fantastic downloadable resources for educators and students.

For more creativity inspiring book suggestions, visit our library.

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