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Welcome to The Creative Art of Learning!

This is an essential space for educators who want to use the Creative Arts as a tool to facilitate effective learning experiences and promote creativity.

I am an experienced Visual Arts teacher of 20 years. In that time and through further study, I have learnt what genuine creativity actually means and the main thing I have noticed as a teacher and a parent is that students thrive when given opportunities to explore genuine creativity in their everyday learning. I am always trying to find ways to teach that allows students to have creative choices in their learning and express what they have learnt in a creative way.

Creativity is not defined by being artistic, however, the arts often provide opportunities for being creative.

Two of the most common questions I get asked is;

  • Can you help with ideas for teaching art in the primary years?
  • My child is very creative, how should I encourage their creativity?

This blog is my way of showing how I have addressed those questions in my own teaching and parenting life.

Here, you will also find my thoughts on genuine creativity, child led artmaking (TAB) and the importance of creative experiences for brain development and health. Creativity is vital to our present and our future and it is FUN!

Being creative means that we will often fail, we will make a mess, we will get frustrated, sometimes our ideas won’t make sense to other people and sometimes we will appear to be doing nothing but staring out the window, but sometimes, SOMETIMES it will all work together to create something amazing! Whatever the outcome, it will ALWAYS result in learning!

When we are creative we are using our whole brain, not just the right or left, the WHOLE brain! It is a full cognitive workout!

Check back soon as we launch more creative content.

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